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Digital Marketing Meetup: The 7 buying signals that every agent walks past

Agents and sales reps are trained to recognise buying signals at home opens – but are you missing key buying signals online?

Come to Real Estate Tribe’s FREE Digital Marketing Meetup on October 3 to learn the seven online buying signals that are usually missed by agents. We’ll be at Residential Settlements’ office to discuss:

– The four email marketing metrics that suggest a prospect is ready to become a client,
– The three actions on social media that signal money in motion, and
– Strategies for turning online contacts into real-life clients.

As usual, there’ll be pizza, wine, and the opportunity to talk ALL things digital marketing.

Our meetups are also a great opportunity to meet up with other professionals in the industry. Find out what’s working for others – and what’s not!

Click ‘attending’ above to RSVP.

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