Why Content Marketing is Essential in Real Estate

Putting yourself (or your company) out there on the web is important. Every business, and every real estate agent, needs to have the following information readily available online:

  • Your name, and photo,
  • Your contact details – phone, email etc,
  • Who you work for, and where the business is located (embedding a Google map is great),
  • What service you offer, and
  • Your listings, if you’re a sales rep.

Without this bare minimum, you do not exist as far as web users are concerned.

However, this information is the equivalent of a listing in the local directory – it allows people searching for you to find you, but it doesn’t prompt them to look for you in the first place. And every agent has their listings available. To stand out, you need to be doing more – you need to be using content to market yourself.

Content marketing – making content and putting it out there on the web, with some degree of strategy – is the best way to give people a deep understanding of what you do, and what you know. Content marketing can mean being active on social media channels, and creating unique articles for your blog. Content marketing means posting more than just “good morning, how are you?” – it means contributing content of value to potential clients and contacts.

Content marketing can help you improve business because:

  • Producing content that helps others (eg. “How to…” articles) shows potential clients and others in your field that you know your stuff,
  • Documenting your experiences online (ie. stories and case studies) proves that you’re experienced in your field and helps readers to relate to you as a person, and
  • Sharing other people’s content suggests connection between you and other people, and shows that you’re not just in it for yourself.

And because the content you’ve created is unique to you, readers will know that it’s you specifically that they need to hire to take advantage of that knowledge and those experiences. Real estate blogger Ardell DellaLoggia claims to have a steady flow of “blog-clients” who want her to represent them in the process of buying a home after becoming familiar with her blog.

So how do I know content marketing is the way to go? Jeff Bullas recently posted a great infographic showing how “everyone”, from small businesses to giants like Coca Cola and Google, are embracing content creation and sharing as a valuable marketing strategy.

Jeff Bullas' Content Marketing Explosion(See the full infographic in Jeff Bullas’ blog post.)

Don’t underestimate content marketing as a way to get yourself known and respected.

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About Emily Murphy

Emily is a digital strategist, Internet Communications graduate, and raving fan of WordPress. She worked with Real Estate Tribe from early 2012 to late 2014.

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