How to Build Real Connections on Twitter

An image of two blue birdsTwitter’s a great medium for connecting with other people in the industry and for broadcasting to potential clients.

It’s a relatively new communication tool for many, and I would argue that a lot of people are still experimenting with how best to use it. While talking about Twitter with other social media users lately, I’ve ended up hearing a bit about what people do and don’t like about other Twitter users – and a few common peeves keep coming up. People just don’t warm to accounts that do things like:

  1. Post useless, self promotional content
  2. Ignore @replies and @mentions
  3. Post only automated messages with a link back to the original Facebook post
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What not to tweet!

Instead, the best Twitter users come across as real people with valuable information to share. The key to forging strong connections on Twitter is not to repeatedly send out links to your own content and listings, but to engage with other real people.

Here’s a couple of key ways to be genuinely helpful to other Twitter users:

1. Share content of value.

It’s fine to have a self-promotion strategy for social media, but a great question to have in mind while using social networks is How can this information help other people? That’s why so many Twitter users share content that they found useful (even when it doesn’t directly promote them). By providing value to others, you’re benefiting by boosting your own credibility.

2. Engage in conversation.

In an interview last week, real estate agent Joe Mucci said this about succeeding in real estate:

“Relationship is probably the most important. People knowing who you are and what you stand for and you the agent knowing who your customers are.”

This is equally as true online! And building relationships require conversations. When you see a tweet that you could make an intelligent/funny/useful response to, or when someone mentions you, don’t hesitate to reply. Talking to other people is really the only way to make sincere connections.

Being successful is often about gaining trust and developing strong social networks. Those users who share content of value to others and engage in conversation, rather than treating Twitter as just a broadcasting tool, are the ones who come across as genuine individuals – not as marketing robots.

Image by David Carillet via Flickr.

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