SMS marketing for real estate: how it can help your business

Remember when email was the ‘next big thing’ in real estate marketing? Nowadays people are getting so much junk mail to their inboxes that often our emails are ignored. SMS marketing is a great solution as a way of communicating with your clients. It is important to remember the power of picking up the phone […]

Could digital signatures transform the way we do business in real estate?

Digital signatures have the potential to make a big impact on the real estate industry. Many real estate agents around the world are already using digital signature software, attracted by the possibility of saving time and streamlining client interactions. In many respects, a digital signature is the equivalent to a handwritten signature, but a properly […]

What is the Spam Act and how does it affect real estate agents?

Email and SMS have become essential tools for real estate marketing, but how much do you know about the laws that govern these types of communication? Electronic messages are governed by the Spam Act 2003, which prohibits the sending of unsolicited ‘commercial electronic messages’ including email, SMS, MMS, and instant messaging. Breaching the Act could […]

3 people who are doing keep-in-touch campaigns right

Good relationships are key to success in real estate. But relationships can fade with time, and even a loyal repeat client could end up using a different agent next time around. That’s why keep-in-touch campaigns are so important. By keeping in touch with your past clients and other prospects, you achieve two things: you remind […]

5 essential KPIs every agent should be measuring

I woke up one morning in the early nineties to find an $86,000 hole in my trust account. It was a painful time at many levels. But the truth was the hole didn’t suddenly appear. As I looked back on the events that lead to the discovery I found that I’d suffered death from a […]

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