How to Start Your Real Estate Blog with WordPress

Since we’ve started running Digital Marketing Meetups, I’ve met a number of people in real estate who are eager to start blogging. And no wonder – writing and sharing insightful content on a blog is a great way to improve your credibility, and to improve your reputation as an expert in your area or speciality. […]

How to make updating your website easy with WordPress

There are many great real estate websites out there – Marshall White has a beautiful and functional website, for example, and the Professionals group has a great network of matching websites with listings that are updated regularly. Not everyone has a custom-built content-management system at their fingertips, however. For those who don’t, creating and updating […]

WordPress or Blogger? Which is best for your real estate blog?

If you’re new to real estate blogging there’s a bewildering array of software from which to choose. Rather than reviewing all of the choices I’m going to look at the main pros and cons for hosted WordPress and Blogger blogs. As this post is designed to help the newbie blogger I’m going to ignore self […]

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