All you need to know about the new Facebook star rating

Facebook are now trialling a star rating system for places and business pages. This isn’t a completely new system at all, but what does it mean for your company’s profile online? In the past, Facebook users have been able to rate businesses from Local Search on the mobile app, giving them a score out of […]

Three simple steps to more leads with Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t just for mums, sharing recipes and craft projects. It’s fast becoming a sales lead tool used by businesses all over the world. Studies have shown that Pinterest referrals are 10% more likely to make purchases. With a monthly active user base of 12 million people, Pinterest is now the third most popular social […]

5 essential tools to protect your privacy on Facebook

Facebook is a useful business tool and a fun place to keep in touch with friends, but having a profile on Facebook also exposes you to a host of privacy risks. Sharing too much information on Facebook can (and has) led to thefts, tarnished reputations, dismissal, and other unpleasant situations. Take for example, the seventeen-year-old […]

How to make profitable connections on Facebook

Facebook can be lots of fun. It allows us to connect with long-lost school friends, work colleagues and share what we’re up to with our kids. But it can also waste a lot of time! Rather than aimlessly friending, liking and commenting it’s worth making sure that you use Facebook for maximum impact. With that […]

Tending the Twitter and Facebook Gardens

Our home of a decade and a half is soon to go on the market. It’s a stressful time. Choosing agents, sprucing up the gardens, patching, painting and packing. All make for challenging times. Here in Perth, Western Australia it’s officially the start of autumn. It seems no one has told the weather though. A […]

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