How a beer and a snag will make you a better email marketer

The secret to truly effective email marketing is simple – know your audience. Know who they are and where they live. Know their wants and needs. Know their fears and know the problems they have right now. Know those things and you’ll speak in a language they’ll understand. And when you understand your audience you’ll […]

What it takes to win in the real world – Josh Phegan at Spring Into Action

This is one of three posts from Spring Into Action 2013. See part 1: John McGrath or part 3: Tom Panos. Hitting the stage for the first session after morning tea was high performance coach Josh Phegan. Josh is making waves in the industry for teaching real estate professionals how to get more from their […]

The 12 ideas that will double your sales in 12 months – John McGrath at Spring Into Action

Today we’re at REIWA’s annual Spring Into Action Sales Conference for a fresh dose of real estate advice and inspiration. To kick the day off, real estate entrepreneur John McGrath hit the stage to reveal the 12 ideas that will double your sales in 12 months. John McGrath is something of a legend in the […]

Why your email marketing isn’t working and what a farmer would do about it

At the end of a long, dusty, gravel road, not far from the tiny wheatbelt town of Karlgarin, you’ll find Liz and Peter Ray’s farm. Its vast 4,800 hectares (12,000 acres) sprawls endlessly across a flat, red/brown landscape, punctuated only by drought-toughened Dorper sheep finding relief from the heat under the shade of tall, lanky […]

Four ways to maximise your email marketing results

If you’re sending bulk emails then waiting for the phone to ring, you may be ignoring important clues that could help you bring in more sales today. Here are four ways you can use readily-available stats to maximise your results from email marketing. And guess what? They all involve making good, old-fashioned phone calls! Make smart […]

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