5 essential KPIs every agent should be measuring

I woke up one morning in the early nineties to find an $86,000 hole in my trust account. It was a painful time at many levels. But the truth was the hole didn’t suddenly appear. As I looked back on the events that lead to the discovery I found that I’d suffered death from a […]

What my $86,000 mistake can teach you about tracking your KPIs

The late eighties was a heady time in real estate. Lunches were long, listings were short and buyers would do anything to sign an offer. In Kalgoorlie, I was having the time of my life. I’d bought and paid off our first home, bought a couple of investment properties and completed my studies to become […]

The 9 Cs of Social Media policy

Does your organisation have a social media policy? If not, your organisation and franchisees may be facing of a host of legal risks. In a 2011 decision, Fair Work Australia ordered Linfox to re-employ a sacked worker despite him publishing a rant on Facebook that the company believed amounted to racial discrimination and sexual harassment. […]

Building your network safely

There are lots of reasons why property managers use Facebook. Of course, it’s a fun way to stay in contact with friends and family. There are also compelling financial reasons. New business opportunities and attractive job offers can result from a well maintained social network. But these benefits amount to nothing if they create a […]

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