7 real estate marketing tips from ICSF 2013

This time last week I was 30,000 feet somewhere above the Gulf of Abu Dhabi, flying back from the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. ICSF is a cutting-edge real estate technology conference jam-packed with the information agents need to take their business to the next level. The things I learned in San Francisco are […]

The 10 email marketing blunders that every agent should avoid

Email marketing is part science and part art. Although getting the formula right can be elusive there are a number of lessons you don’t need to learn from experience. Avoid the following 10 email marketing blunders and you’ll be well on your way to generating a steady stream of sales inquiries. Using Outlook to send […]

Four ways to maximise your email marketing results

If you’re sending bulk emails then waiting for the phone to ring, you may be ignoring important clues that could help you bring in more sales today. Here are four ways you can use readily-available stats to maximise your results from email marketing. And guess what? They all involve making good, old-fashioned phone calls! Make smart […]

3 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

With the average Australian spending over 5 hours on Facebook every month, Facebook is a powerful way for people in real estate to meet prospective clients. The real estate agents who get the most out of their Facebook business pages tend to be the ones who: make their details readily available, showcase their local knowledge […]

Why Content Marketing is Essential in Real Estate

Putting yourself (or your company) out there on the web is important. Every business, and every real estate agent, needs to have the following information readily available online: Your name, and photo, Your contact details – phone, email etc, Who you work for, and where the business is located (embedding a Google map is great), […]

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