Could digital signatures transform the way we do business in real estate?

Digital signatures have the potential to make a big impact on the real estate industry. Many real estate agents around the world are already using digital signature software, attracted by the possibility of saving time and streamlining client interactions. In many respects, a digital signature is the equivalent to a handwritten signature, but a properly […]

How to Nurture Prospects With the New Postcards App

Photos and real estate marketing go hand in hand. From online listings to physical signboards, the visual medium of photography forms an important part of an agent’s marketing toolkit – and the rise of the mobile web offers the chance to use photos in increasingly creative ways.

So when I came across the new Australia Post Postcards app, which lets you send a photo as a physical postcard, my thoughts turned to its potential uses for real estate agents.

Can Sellers Help Agents Market Homes?

Should sellers be able to market their own property? An article on the Sold Magazine website over the weekend suggested that maybe they should. Real estate agent Steve Basin, creator of the site, says there may be a gap in most agents’ advertising – a gap that can only be filled by sharing the […]

How to Get Started with Google AdWords

For many businesses, advertising their services to potential new clients is essential. Google AdWords allows you to place advertisements next to its search results by bidding money on certain words and phrases (called ‘keywords’). When a search is made that includes one or more of your keywords, your advertisement is likely to appear. You are […]

How REA buries agents in search results

This article was originally posted on Business2. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. People suspected of using it to manipulate search results are punished, often by their site being banished from a high rank in a search. Duplicate content is often legitimate and Google understands this. Take property listings for example. Jane Smith is a real […]

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