5 essential KPIs every agent should be measuring

I woke up one morning in the early nineties to find an $86,000 hole in my trust account. It was a painful time at many levels. But the truth was the hole didn’t suddenly appear. As I looked back on the events that lead to the discovery I found that I’d suffered death from a […]

What my $86,000 mistake can teach you about tracking your KPIs

The late eighties was a heady time in real estate. Lunches were long, listings were short and buyers would do anything to sign an offer. In Kalgoorlie, I was having the time of my life. I’d bought and paid off our first home, bought a couple of investment properties and completed my studies to become […]

How to use the holiday season to set yourself up for your best year ever

The period between Christmas and New Year is a great time to prepare for the year ahead. It’s an opportunity to set yourself up so that you hit the ground running in 2014. Of course, if you’re planning on having a break, have a break. Don’t be one of those agents who complain about Christmas […]

3 ways to ace personal branding: an REBarCamp recap

On Friday, over 80 real estate professionals congregated on the top floor of The Balmoral in Vic Park for REBarCamp Perth 2013: a relaxed day of sharing and learning organised by people in the real estate industry, for people in the real estate industry. REBarCamp covered an array of topics that, unlike most other events, […]

The 7 buying signals every agent walks past – register here

Agents and sales reps are trained to recognise buying signals at home opens – but are you missing key buying signals online? Come to Real Estate Tribe’s FREE Digital Marketing Meetup on October 3 to learn the seven online buying signals that are usually missed by agents. We’ll be at Residential Settlements’ office to discuss: […]

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