5 essential tools to protect your privacy on Facebook

Facebook is a useful business tool and a fun place to keep in touch with friends, but having a profile on Facebook also exposes you to a host of privacy risks. Sharing too much information on Facebook can (and has) led to thefts, tarnished reputations, dismissal, and other unpleasant situations. Take for example, the seventeen-year-old […]

So your employee has vented about your business on Facebook. Now what?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just found something on Facebook that untruthfully accuses you of short paying your staff and paints you as a harsh, uncaring boss. Now imagine that the post was written by one of your employees. How would you react? If your first response was that you’d want to sack the […]

What mums can teach us about being more attractive online

In this post I’m going to look at how agents can make themselves more attractive online. Why? Well, we all know that people buy from people they know, like and trust so presenting a positive image is an important skill that helps agents develop longterm business relationships. Luckily our mums taught us many of the […]

How real estate franchises are using Facebook Groups to encourage teamwork

Creating a sense of teamwork takes a lot of effort. In franchises that span state and national boundaries developing a supportive and positive culture demands that CEOs and boards look for new and innovative ways to help people within their organisation to connect and build relationships. Often this involves considerable expense. Team building events, such […]

How to make profitable connections on Facebook

Facebook can be lots of fun. It allows us to connect with long-lost school friends, work colleagues and share what we’re up to with our kids. But it can also waste a lot of time! Rather than aimlessly friending, liking and commenting it’s worth making sure that you use Facebook for maximum impact. With that […]

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