Why letterbox dropping is the worst metaphor for email

I received another email from a real estate agent yesterday. Apart from one lead article, it was full of his latest listings. Unfortunately, the “lead” “article” was actually nothing more than a headline and a link to a website that wasn’t his. What’s the problem here? Well, the problem is I never asked to receive […]

The 10 email marketing blunders that every agent should avoid

Email marketing is part science and part art. Although getting the formula right can be elusive there are a number of lessons you don’t need to learn from experience. Avoid the following 10 email marketing blunders and you’ll be well on your way to generating a steady stream of sales inquiries. Using Outlook to send […]

Four ways to maximise your email marketing results

If you’re sending bulk emails then waiting for the phone to ring, you may be ignoring important clues that could help you bring in more sales today. Here are four ways you can use readily-available stats to maximise your results from email marketing. And guess what? They all involve making good, old-fashioned phone calls! Make smart […]

25 ways to build your email database

Email is a great way to build relationships. It’s cost effective and, done well, can result in lots of sales inquiry. Here then, are 25 ways to build a database of people keen to hear what you have to say. Add an invitation to subscribe to your e-newsletter on your business cards. And your open […]

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