3 people who are doing keep-in-touch campaigns right

Good relationships are key to success in real estate. But relationships can fade with time, and even a loyal repeat client could end up using a different agent next time around. That’s why keep-in-touch campaigns are so important. By keeping in touch with your past clients and other prospects, you achieve two things: you remind […]

How a beer and a snag will make you a better email marketer

The secret to truly effective email marketing is simple – know your audience. Know who they are and where they live. Know their wants and needs. Know their fears and know the problems they have right now. Know those things and you’ll speak in a language they’ll understand. And when you understand your audience you’ll […]

What is a CRM, and how should you use it?

You’ve probably already heard about the benefits of CRM – better relationships with your customers, more repeat and referral business, more time and/or money at your disposal – but what exactly is a CRM, and how can you make the most of it? First, a quick definition: CRM stands for customer relationship management. At its […]

Key considerations for your real estate database: an REBarCamp recap

Databasing was the most requested topic at REBarCamp Perth 2013, so I was keen to hear what agents had to say about the subject. What I found was that agents had a variety of questions and experiences to share in regards to what makes a great real estate database. Below are the main questions posed […]

How to protect your database in the age of social media: A 5-step framework

If there’s one thing that 22 years in real estate taught me it’s that strong relationships are profitable. Whenever I appraised a property for a friend or previous client I knew I was an odds-on favourite to walk out with the listing. The better I knew the people the more likely I was to win […]

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