The 7 buying signals every agent walks past – register here

Agents and sales reps are trained to recognise buying signals at home opens – but are you missing key buying signals online? Come to Real Estate Tribe’s FREE Digital Marketing Meetup on October 3 to learn the seven online buying signals that are usually missed by agents. We’ll be at Residential Settlements’ office to discuss: […]

Why letterbox dropping is the worst metaphor for email

I received another email from a real estate agent yesterday. Apart from one lead article, it was full of his latest listings. Unfortunately, the “lead” “article” was actually nothing more than a headline and a link to a website that wasn’t his. What’s the problem here? Well, the problem is I never asked to receive […]

7 real estate marketing tips from ICSF 2013

This time last week I was 30,000 feet somewhere above the Gulf of Abu Dhabi, flying back from the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. ICSF is a cutting-edge real estate technology conference jam-packed with the information agents need to take their business to the next level. The things I learned in San Francisco are […]

Why your email marketing isn’t working and what a farmer would do about it

At the end of a long, dusty, gravel road, not far from the tiny wheatbelt town of Karlgarin, you’ll find Liz and Peter Ray’s farm. Its vast 4,800 hectares (12,000 acres) sprawls endlessly across a flat, red/brown landscape, punctuated only by drought-toughened Dorper sheep finding relief from the heat under the shade of tall, lanky […]

The 9 Cs of Social Media policy

Does your organisation have a social media policy? If not, your organisation and franchisees may be facing of a host of legal risks. In a 2011 decision, Fair Work Australia ordered Linfox to re-employ a sacked worker despite him publishing a rant on Facebook that the company believed amounted to racial discrimination and sexual harassment. […]

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