About Real Estate Tribe

Real Estate Tribe is a small team of digital strategists who help real estate agents sort out their online communications strategy.

We provide services for agents who are committed to building their business through genuine interaction and relationship-building.

Whether it’s through group training sessions, one-on-one consulting or free online content, our goal is to empower agents to take up online communication practices that help them build a sustainable, relationship-based business.

Our clients are agents with a bias for taking action who, like us, believe that relationships can’t be outsourced. They want a dynamic online presence that reflects their offline profile; one that connects them directly with clients, prospects and their own brand advocates.

If this is you, find out how our services can help you get serious about social media, websites and email marketing.

The team

The Real Estate Tribe team includes:

Peter Fletcher

Peter FletcherPeter Fletcher is an ex-real estate agent turned digital strategist.

With 27 years of experience in the real estate industry, Peter lives and breathes real estate. He’s determined not to let agents miss the huge business opportunities offered by the internet – that’s why he founded Real Estate Tribe.

Through one-on-one consults and specialised courses, Peter provides agents with seasoned advice and practical action plans for taking advantage of social media, search engine optimisation and email marketing in their day-to-day work lives.

Nikki D’Agostino

photo of Nikki D'Agostino Nikki D’Agostino is a total property junkie with qualifications as a real estate agent and interior designer. She has worked in the industry for over a decade and has loads of marketing experience for real estate.


The tribe

Real Estate Tribe the business may be just a few people, but Real Estate Tribe the community is a tribe.

A tribe tells stories, provides mutual support, and shares knowledge. That’s exactly what the network of enthusiastic real estate professionals we’ve met over the years do.

If your real estate livelihood is built on genuine communication, and you are willing to share what you’ve learned, you’re already part of our tribe. Get connected by joining our mailing list or coming along to our next free meetup.

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