SMS marketing for real estate: how it can help your business

SMS marketing for real estate: how it can help your business

Remember when email was the ‘next big thing’ in real estate marketing? Nowadays people are getting so much junk mail to their inboxes that often our emails are ignored. SMS marketing is a great solution as a way of communicating with your clients.

It is important to remember the power of picking up the phone however for mass communicating a quick message, SMS can be a very effective tool.

I’ve personally utilised SMS to launch newly listed properties by “sneak preview”. This had a great success rate in driving attention to a property, on one occasion I even had 11 visitors through a home without launching on the web or advertising a home open. This was a great way to create a following of buyers by offering them exclusivity to new listings, while vendors loved that there was a database of buyers waiting to see their home before commencing the traditional marketing campaign.

The benefits of SMS marketing

The greatest thing about SMS marketing is that almost 100% of the mobile devices on the market are SMS enabled making it the channel with the widest reach. In real estate we collect a lot of mobile phone numbers from prospective buyers through enquiry and at home opens, why not use these on an ongoing marketing campaign?

High open rates and instant delivery

SMS delivery is almost instantaneous with 90% of SMS being read within 3 minutes of receipt.


With no barriers like email spam filters which can prevent your emails from getting to their destination, SMS is a direct connection with your buyers.

Low cost advertising

SMS is a low cost way to reach your buyers, you can also look to including SMS marketing in your vendor paid advertising strategy.

Tech savvy agents have been utilising SMS marketing for years with great success. It can be used to confirm home opens, send an update about a new listing to potential buyers or even to let interested parties know of a property going under offer.

If you are ready to start using SMS marketing in your strategy, keep the following things in mind to maximise your results and get the most out of your campaign.

Set goals and measure results for your campaign

Know what you want to achieve with your SMS campaign, identify how and when you will use SMS and your target audience. It is good to be very specific, for example if you were wanting to invite prospective buyers to a home open for a new listing make sure it is within their search criteria.

Client Relationship Management applications like MyDesktop are SMS enabled and can help segregate your SMS database to target a specific buyer group by aligning them to similar properties or price ranges. If your CRM isn’t SMS enabled there are other online programs like Burst SMS which can assist in building your campaign and getting your messages out.

Stay in touch with your SMS database

SMS is a great tool for instant marketing but don’t forget to stay in touch with your database. Make sure you phone them and check up to make sure their property investment situation hasn’t changed and they are still relevant to your campaign.

If you are thinking of utilising SMS marketing in your campaign make sure you are aware of the legislation you can read more about this at our blog post on What is the Spam Act and how does it affect real estate agents?

If you would you like to know more about how SMS marketing strategies could work for your business, give Peter a call on 0419 538 838 for a free 15-minute consult.

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