3 people who are doing keep-in-touch campaigns right

Keep-in-touch campaigns can help maintain relationships with real estate prospects.

Good relationships are key to success in real estate. But relationships can fade with time, and even a loyal repeat client could end up using a different agent next time around.

That’s why keep-in-touch campaigns are so important. By keeping in touch with your past clients and other prospects, you achieve two things: you remind them that you exist, and you potentially deepen your relationship with them. Both increase the likelihood of repeat and referral business.

Here are three essential elements of a keep-in-touch campaign, plus real-world examples of people who are doing it right.

1. Regularity

An example of the Brain Pickings newsletter.Create a realistic schedule and stick to it – whether that’s weekly, monthly, or something else. Not only will this keep you in your prospects’ field of awareness, you’ll also establish yourself as someone who is consistent and reliable.

See Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings as an example. Her weekly “interestingness digest” arrives in subscribers’ inboxes on Sunday, every Sunday. Partly as a result of her regularity, she’s built up a mailing list of raving fans who can’t wait to receive her email each week.

2. Relevance

An example of the Beaufort and Beyond newsletter.Many past clients who receive your campaign won’t be in real estate mode right now. That means that sending them your latest listings isn’t going to cut it. Instead, send information that is relevant to them – for example, community news, or reviews of your favourite local hang-out spots.

Natalie Hoye’s Beaufort and Beyond newsletter is a great example. This month, her newsletter covered a review of a new cafe, updates on a previously-delayed hawkers market, and the scoop on a new piece of street art. Each piece of content is directly relevant to her audience of local residents.

3. Call to action

An example of Chris Brogan's newsletter.What do you want prospects to do upon reading your newsletter? The call-to-action is your chance to encourage that action.

For example, marketing consultant Chris Brogan often ends emails with “What do you think?”, or “How does this apply to your world? Hit reply and share a story”. By encouraging people to start a conversation with him, he creates the opportunity to strengthen relationships with his prospects.

Whether you’re using email, physical mail, or something else, these three elements are essential to an effective keep-in-touch campaign. Communicate with your prospects well, and the result will be a steady stream of repeat and referral business.

Need help setting up a keep-in-touch campaign? Call Peter on 0419 538 838 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Image by Sarah Gilbert via Flickr.

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