How a beer and a snag will make you a better email marketer

What do email marketing and a barbecue have in common?

The secret to truly effective email marketing is simple – know your audience.

Know who they are and where they live. Know their wants and needs. Know their fears and know the problems they have right now.

Know those things and you’ll speak in a language they’ll understand.

And when you understand your audience you’ll know that it makes no sense to send your latest listings to your entire database. You’ll know that the needs of tenants and buyers and local property owners are very different. Their aspirations are different, their goals are different and their place in the buying cycle is different.

So start thinking of your database in segments. Better still, think of those segments as individuals, as groups represented by your favourite, most profitable customer. Imagine yourself at a BBQ, beer in one hand snag-in-a-bun in the other talking to that person. What questions will they ask? What concerns do they have?

Your answer – the one you’d give before devouring the snag – is the perfect content for your next email newsletter. It’s that answer that directly addresses the needs of your audience and it’s that explanation that people most want in their inbox.

Write that and you’ll have an email newsletter that your audience will love. They’ll love it because you took the time to understand what was important in their world and that you cared enough to put their needs ahead of your own.

So pick up the beer and the snag-in-the-bun and get started today. And if you get stuck, call me on 0419 538 838 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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