4 examples of exceptional real estate video

Video is used increasingly often in the real estate industry.

Video is a tool that’s becoming ever more widely used in the real estate industry.

The result is that many real estate videos begin to look much the same: the same slow pans over staged rooms, and similar videos of agents listing the attributes that make them good at selling homes.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with those types of videos. If they help you achieve your marketing goals, that’s fantastic.

But there are some agents who are going one better and creating videos that set them apart from the crowd.

These videos are not only different, they are created with the agents’ unique marketing goals in mind – whether that’s to establish themselves as an active member of the community, or to enamour prospects to their quirky personality.

So what does a great video look like? Here are four examples of real estate videos I think are exceptional.

1. A listing video that sells the lifestyle

A video made up of nothing but still photos adds little to a listing. A moving video showing the best parts of the home is better. And a video selling the lifestyle of the home is even better than that.

That’s what this video does. Using two actors (one with four legs), the video below alludes to the easy-going lifestyle of the home… so easy-going, the video implies, that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason to leave.

2. An agent profile with personality

One of the big selling points of video is its ability to communicate a person’s personality and to build a feeling of trust.

This video from ‘The skydiving real estate agent’ takes full advantage of that. Putting her bold personality on show, she effectively communicates not only why you should trust her with your transaction, but also why you should like her.

3. An articulate testimonial

Written testimonials are essential, but video testimonials add that extra layer of credibility.

Getting decent video testimonials can be tricky – even if clients love your service, they might not be comfortable writing or appearing on camera – but the agent below has managed to source at least one raving fan.

It’s evident from the lack of “umm”s that the client was given a chance to plan her words before filming, and it’s really paid off in this video.

Real Estate Agent Video Testimonial from Dave Dwyer on Vimeo.

4. A unique community showcase

Showcasing your community is a move away from the hard sell and towards community-focused marketing. Involving the local people and places makes your videos infinitely more shareable, as your content becomes all about your potential clients, not yourself.

The pay off for you? This kind of video goes a long way to establishing yourself as the local area expert.

The makers of this video recruited locals to showcase the unique features of the area: the vibrant main street, the historic houses, and the walkability.

Each of the videos above are an example of real estate marketing that puts in the extra effort to be above average – with impressive results.

What are your thoughts on real estate video? Have you seen better examples then these? Leave a comment below.

Image by Jonas Seaman via Flickr.

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  1. Hey thanks for including my real estate agent testimonial video in your article! I was just browsing the internet looking for some real estate video news and stumbled across your page. What a great feeling to see one of my videos here!

    • Emily Murphy says:

      That’s great, Dave! Thanks for creating such a good example of a real estate testimonial video 🙂

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