5 ways video can help you sell property: an REBarCamp recap

Real estate video was one of the last sessions at REBaCamp Perth 2013.

Video was one of the last topics of the day at REBarCamp Perth 2013, but nevertheless it sparked some interesting conversations.

The agents and sales representatives that attended seemed keen to learn how others were using video, and how it could help their business.

Below are five ways that video can help you sell more property, as told by the attendees of REBarCamp.

1. Sell yourself

Video allows you to make a powerful connection with your clients even before you’ve met them, according to the agents in the room who had used video in their business.

So why does video work? Some agents said that a good video can showcase your “likeability” and build a sense of emotional attachment. As one principal said, video works “because they feel like they know you.”

To really sell yourself, some people in the room suggested creating an agent profile video, along with glowing video testimonials.

2. Qualify buyers

Some people in the room were hesitant to start producing video walk-throughs because they didn’t want to turn prospective buyers off the property. Instead, they wanted to leave an information gap that encouraged buyers to ring up for an inspection.

Other agents, however, embrace the “tell-all” approach. Why waste your time taking buyers through a property when they’re very unlikely to buy?, they asked. Instead, they qualify buyers early by providing prospective buyers with the full picture in a video.

3. Sell the lifestyle

A great video isn’t just about the features of the property: it’s also about helping the buyer imagine themselves living there.

It’s all about selling the lifestyle, said Jeroen van de Peppel. He mentioned one property video which centred on a family holding a barbecue at their home. By featuring kids playing in the backyard and family members sharing a few laughs, that video showcased the easy-going lifestyle that the house had to offer.

Another way to sell the lifestyle is to film the vendor talking about what it’s like to live in the home, and what they love about the local area – like in the video below.

4. Get seen on Google

YouTube is now owned by Google, pointed out Alana Earl from Crib Creative, so great YouTube videos can be an advantage for those trying to rank well in Google search results.

In addition, some have observed a trend among the younger generation of searching on YouTube rather than through Google, so having a solid presence on YouTube may become increasingly beneficial.

5. Build interest in a property

Videos don’t have to cost a lot of money and time, pointed out Natalie Hoye. Natalie’s had success with a “quick and dirty” iPhone video that featured a simple pan over the beautiful kitchen of an upcoming listing.

The video helped build interest in the property, even before the professional photos were uploaded.

What are your experiences with video? Do you have any advice for other agents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Video camera image by Jay Goldman via Flickr. Inset photo by Crib Creative.

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