Three simple steps to more leads with Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t just for mums, sharing recipes and craft projects. It’s fast becoming a sales lead tool used by businesses all over the world. Studies have shown that Pinterest referrals are 10% more likely to make purchases.

With a monthly active user base of 12 million people, Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network. It’s a virtual pin board, allowing users to create collections of pictures and share website content. With just a few tips, you can start using Pinterest to generate traffic to your website and, ultimately, more sales leads.

Coldwell Banker on Pinterest

1. Good artwork.

Take a look at Coldwell Banker Real Estate from the United States. They may have some amazing properties in their listings, but they are also masters at maximising points of interest in the more down-to-earth properties. The first key to success on Pinterest is having good photographs that catch the eye.

2. Make your profile about more than your listings.

Yes, the properties you have available are what is going to convert leads into prospects, but real estate is about more than just that. If you have profiles for your team members on your website, make a board with some great shots of your agents. These can link back to your website, which will increase your website traffic, and get you more leads. If you have a blog as part of your website, you can have a board linking back to those posts. You could even try some other board ideas:

  • recent and past listings

  • a guide to your area

  • moving day tips

  • property staging ideas

3. Price tags and keywords make sense.

When you’re posting a product, such as your listings, adding a price ribbon to the corner of your pin has been shown to add 36% more interest in the way of likes. While not all likes will necessarily convert to sales, it does increase the visibility of your pins. It’s advertising for free! Adding keywords to the description of your pin will help others find your postings. Keeping it short and simple, rather than a mountain of words, will draw more eyes.

Pinterest can be a useful tool requiring minimum effort from you, and generating interest in your business, leading to more leads and prospects. You can add a “Pin It” button alongside your other social media share buttons, letting others pin your images, which will link back to your website. Talk about money for no effort!

Are you already using Pinterest for your business? Do you have some tips or handy hints to share? Leave a comment below.

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