5 LinkedIn profile tweaks that make your agency look fantastic

Real estate agencies have a lot to gain from LinkedIn.

As the online network of choice for business professionals, LinkedIn has plenty to offer principals of real estate agencies.

Whether your goal is to find new referral sources, meet other industry leaders, or scout for fresh talent, LinkedIn is your chance to engage with people who could become profitable connections for your business.

Before you start growing your LinkedIn connections, however, it’s vital to complete your LinkedIn profile. On LinkedIn, your profile is akin to a first impression, and contains information such as your work history and job title.

Your profile says a lot about you – and if you’re a principal of a real estate agency, it also speaks volumes about your business.

Make a great first impression on potential connections by fully completing your LinkedIn profile. To make yourself (and your agency) really stand out, pay particular attention to these five elements of a stellar LinkedIn profile:

1. A professional profile photo

It may seem basic, but a good photo greatly lifts the credibility of your LinkedIn profile. Too many LinkedIn users don’t bother uploading a photo, but it’s an invaluable way to help your connections put a face to your name.

When uploading a photo, choose one that is professional (it doesn’t have to be overly stiff and formal) and clearly shows your face.

2. A compelling summary

Most agents do a good job at filling out their job history on their LinkedIn profile, but many forget to add something that’s just as important: a summary.

Your summary doesn’t have to be long, but it should tell your story in a way that ties your job history together and communicates your value. Mention your agency and what it has to offer your target audience.

(Click here for some good examples of LinkedIn summaries.)

3. Relevant connections

Once you’ve completed the essential fields on your LinkedIn profile, including your photo and summary, start to add some connections.

As with all digital endeavours, it pays to have a strategy when using LinkedIn. Why are you using LinkedIn? If it’s to scout for new talent, start by adding real estate professionals from your local area. If it’s to learn new business strategies from other industry leaders, focus on making connections with other successful business owners.

Bonus tip: when adding a new connection, use LinkedIn’s “include a personal note” option to remind the person how you met. If you haven’t met them, touch on why you want to connect.

4. Strong recommendations

Just as testimonials are a must-have for your real estate website, recommendations are a must-have for your LinkedIn profile. Nothing boosts your credibility more than a satisfied client or colleague who has only good things to say about you.

When it comes to gathering LinkedIn recommendations, the quickest method is to ask. Find clients and colleagues on LinkedIn who you know have had a good experience working with you, and ask them for a recommendation.

While some LinkedIn users display as many recommendations as they can on their profile, I advise quality over quantity. Choose the most compelling recommendations – the well-worded ones that mention your specific skills or attributes – and hide the ones that don’t do you many favours.

5. Insightful status updates

Like Facebook, LinkedIn users can post status updates to their connections. Unlike Facebook, these updates are intended to be used for business-oriented messages.

Try posting relevant articles, insightful market reports, or occasional updates about your business. Again, keep in mind why you’re on LinkedIn and post updates that reflect your purpose.

Posting regular updates to LinkedIn shows your connections that you’re active and involved in the real estate space.

By making these five changes, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stellar LinkedIn profile that not only reflects well on you, but helps to create a great image for your agency.

Do you use LinkedIn? Have you found it to be good for your business, or are you yet to see the value in it? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Great article Emily. It’s one of the most under-utilised networks around. Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m making some changes right this minute!

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