Attraction Agent 2.0 – Tom Panos at Spring Into Action

Tom Panos at REIWA's Spring Into Action Sales Conference

This is one of three posts from Spring Into Action 2013. See part 1: John McGrath and part 2: Josh Phegan.

Tom Panos was the last speaker of the day but wasted no time in delivering a huge dose of energy and inspiration to the crowd of agents and sales reps.

Tom Panos is the Real Estate Advertising director for News Limited and a sought-after keynote speaker.

This year, Tom started by explaining the importance of a strong personal brand – one that brings clients through your door without you having to chase their business.

However, the central theme of Tom’s presentation was the importance of improving your mindset – or as he calls it, the inner game.

Slide from REIWA Sales Conference: The Inner Game

The inner game, Tom explained, was the most important concept he had to share because “success is an inside job”.

The inner game affects everything an agent does. Tom told the audience that at most conferences, agents get really excited about a new idea – but it doesn’t always last. It’s the inner game, Tom explained, that determines whether you’ll implement a new strategy for one day, one week, or whether it gets wired into your brain for good.

Later in the session, Tom went on to stress the importance of conversation. He told us the story of his first sales job, selling Weber barbecues. After a few weeks of selling just five barbecues each night, a man in a suit walked by and recommended that to close, Tom should simply ask prospects “would you like the red one, or the green one?”

With this strategy, Tom tripled his sales. His takeaway: nothing happens without a conversation.

Among Tom Panos’ tips for holding great conversations with clients were:

  • Get ugly early. Tell vendors the truth about the value of their property, even if it’s bad news.

  • Master the dialogue. Tom suggested lines like “Mr and Mrs Buyer, are you researching or buying at the moment?” to uncover customer intentions.
  • Avoid compromising your value. Discounting tells vendors that they can’t rely on your negotiation skills – ie. that you’re the least competent person to do the job.

To finish up, Tom told us about a time in his life when success made him vulnerable to failure. When you become successful, Tom explained, there’s a risk that you will stop doing the things that got you there in the first place.

He ended on an inspirational note, explaining that temporary incompetence is a critical behaviour in growth, so success requires us to be courageous.

What did you think of Tom Panos’ session? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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