What it takes to win in the real world – Josh Phegan at Spring Into Action

Josh Phegan at Spring Into Action

This is one of three posts from Spring Into Action 2013. See part 1: John McGrath or part 3: Tom Panos.

Hitting the stage for the first session after morning tea was high performance coach Josh Phegan. Josh is making waves in the industry for teaching real estate professionals how to get more from their database of past, current, and future clients.

Today, Josh Phegan’s session was all about how agents can use planning, dialogue, and databases to take their business from average to fantastic.

First, Josh urged us to define: what does success look like to you?

Without knowing what success looks like, he explains, you simply won’t do the prospecting necessary to make it happen. Secondly, agents need to ask themselves: how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Josh lamented a lack of planning amongst many real estate professionals. He told us the story of one agent whose office gave bonuses for reps who reached a certain amount in sales each month. He rang Josh, asking “I need to earn another $10,000 in the next four hours to get my bonus. Any ideas?” Josh Phegan’s response: “Yes. Plan a lot better!”

According to Josh, great planning consists of knowing your goals, reviewing your progress, prioritising high-value activities, and getting inside the customers head.

Talking about the importance of prioritising high-value activities, Josh said there are four types of work:

  • Negative work. Speaking about things in your external environment and having negative conversations.
  • Low dollar per hour activities. Administrative tasks.
  • High dollar per hour activities. Listing and selling.
  • High lifetime activities. Exercise, building relationships, and prospecting.

Needless to say, Josh advised the audience to concentrate on the high lifetime activities and high dollar activities. Not only should agents concentrate on those things, but so should any sales admin they employ, according to Josh.

Josh also advised agents to forget about looking successful and actually be successful by getting inside the customers head. He asked, “are you relevant to your customers today?”, and suggested several questions to ask prospects in different stages of the buying/selling cycle.

This is just a small snapshot of Josh Phegan’s session – he had dozens of other great pointers for agents and reps.

Were you at Spring Into Action? What did you most get out of Josh Phegan’s session? Leave a comment below.

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  1. […] is one of three posts from Spring Into Action 2013. See part 2: Josh Phegan and part 3: Tom […]

  2. […] This is one of three posts from Spring Into Action 2013. See part 1: John McGrath and part 2: Josh Phegan. […]

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