3 email marketing ideas to wow your prospective clients

These email marketing ideas can help you create clients for life.

Are you making the most of email marketing?

For most real estate agencies, email marketing has so far been confined to sending out new listings to a database of prospects and past clients. Listings and buyer matches play a useful role in real estate agencies, but their appeal is limited largely to people who are currently in the market to buy a property.

When it comes to creating clients for life (people who may not be ready to buy or sell right now but who consistently return to your business and refer their friends), you can do better.

Savvy email marketers use email to send useful, quality information to past and potential clients who aren’t necessarily ready to make a move yet.

This approach has two big benefits for real estate agencies: first, such emails affirm the agency’s status as credible experts in their field, and second, sending relevant and helpful information is a sure-fire way to stand out in an industry that is only slowly realising the potential of digital marketing.

Ready to wow your prospective clients? Start sending them emails they actually look forward to reading. Here are three ideas:

1. Local info

Potential clients who aren’t in real estate mode yet still have one significant thing in common with your agency: location. To appeal to locals, send out information that helps them get the most out of life in your area.

Local restaurant reviews, details on upcoming community events, and information on the best spots to picnic with the family are all relevant content ideas that would paint your agency as an involved member of the community.

2. Autoresponders

Autoresponders, sometimes called drip campaigns, are emails that are sent automatically when someone performs a certain action. Once set up, autoresponder campaigns need little or no effort to maintain.

For example, consider creating a campaign that begins on a buyer’s settlement date. Over the course of a few months, the autoresponder could send a series of emails containing information for connecting the utilities, tips on unpacking or decorating the new home, and a list of your top five local eateries to explore in the new area.

Such targeted, relevant emails are an opportunity to make an impression on someone who could later become a repeat client.

3. Property market info

Even when marketing to prospects who aren’t ready to make a move yet, your emails don’t have to be completely devoid of real estate-related content. Providing your unique perspective on the current state of the market can help you build your brand’s credibility as the real estate experts.

Set yourself apart and share not only the latest market statistics, but also your unique perspective on what the numbers mean for home owners.

Each of these three ideas represent an opportunity to go one step further than the common ‘latest listings’ email. To make a great impression on people who may become your clients for life, focus on providing them with information that’s relevant and useful – whether they’re currently in the market or not.

Is email marketing a big part of your marketing strategy? What types of emails have you found most successful? Leave a comment below.

Image by Olga Filnenko via Flickr.

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