Four ways to maximise your email marketing results

In real estate, email marketing provides a great reason to pick up the phone.

If you’re sending bulk emails then waiting for the phone to ring, you may be ignoring important clues that could help you bring in more sales today.

Here are four ways you can use readily-available stats to maximise your results from email marketing. And guess what? They all involve making good, old-fashioned phone calls!

Make smart use of open stats

All decent email marketing software includes open stats. Open stats show you who opened your email and how many times. Pay close attention to people who’ve opened your email multiple times. Although a large number of opens from the same person can simply mean they’ve opened the email several times on different devices, it’s more likely to be the result of forwarding your email to their friends.

That’s a good thing!

Don’t squander this insight — or the momentum you’ve built — as it often means they’re thinking about making a purchase decision. Get on the phone. Have a chat, invite them for a coffee and ask some thoughtful open-ended questions. You’ll be surprised at the positive response you’ll receive.

Using click activity to learn what people really want

Next, check your click-through stats. Click activity is a key indicator of a person’s interests. Your email marketing software should show you not only who clicked on links but what links they clicked and how many times.

Once again, this is your opportunity to make a call aimed at building the relationship and giving the person the opportunity to ask for more information. If they clicked on a link to one of your listings because they were interested, more times than not it will come up in the conversation.

A combination of high click activity and a lot of opens usually suggests that a person is very close to making a decision. The key here is to use the insights generated by your email stats to take the relationship to the next level. And that usually means offline!

These types of follow up calls are best done without mentioning the email or that you’re aware of the person’s click or open activity — do that and you’ll come across as a stalker! Rather, it’s better to simply touch base and allow people to ask for more information.

Use unsubscribes to create better emails

It’s essential to respect people’s right to unsubscribe. It’s also smart to find out if there’s anything you’ve done that’s led to their decision. Take the time to make a quick call acknowledging that their request has been actioned. Ask them why they unsubscribed. Make it your goal to learn what would have made your email more valuable to them. You can often learn more from a single conversation with someone that’s unsubscribed than from a lifetime of blasting the wrong message to inactive subscribers.

Use what you learn to make your future emails better and more valuable.

Use bounce stats to keep your database tidy

There are two types of bounces — hard and soft. Soft bounces occur when there’s a temporary problem with a server or an email account (their inbox might be full!), whereas hard bounces indicate something more permanent such as a deactivated email account.

A hard bounce is your cue to follow up with a phone call to get the person’s new email address. Most reputable email marketing providers clean these records from the system. If yours doesn’t, it’s time to do some housekeeping by updating the contact details with a new email address or deleting the old record.

Do you have any other insights you’d like to share? If so, come along to one of our free digital marketing meetups. They’re free and they’re fun and they always involve wine and pizza!

Happy selling.

Image by Kennedy Goodkey via Flickr.

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