How to Nurture Prospects With the New Postcards App

Postcards on a wallPhotos and real estate marketing go hand in hand. From online listings to physical signboards, the visual medium of photography forms an important part of an agent’s marketing toolkit – and the rise of the mobile web offers the chance to use photos in increasingly creative ways.

So when I came across the new Australia Post Postcards app, which lets you send a photo as a physical postcard, my thoughts turned to its potential uses for real estate agents.

Available for free for the iPhone, using the Postcards app is simple: snap a photo with your phone, type in the recipient’s address and your message, and hand over $1.99. Australia Post handles the rest by printing and delivering your postcard within 6 business days.

Not only is using your iPhone to send completely customised postcards very cool, it also opens up possibilities to nurture your clients and existing prospects in a unique and visually impressive way.

What follows are three ways to wow past and future clients using the Postcards app.

1. Follow up

Sales coach David James stresses that it’s the little things you do before and after a listing presentation that will score you the client. With that in mind, try using the Postcards app to make a great impression following a listing presentation.

Here’s how. As you leave the vendor’s house, snap a decent photo of the property. Enter the vendor’s address into the Australia Post Postcards app, add a message (eg. “Hi Judy, thanks for the opportunity to appraise your property on Tuesday. I look forward to working together.”), and hit send.

Two dollars is a small price to pay for a quick and easy follow-up – and the custom photo is sure to impress your prospect.

2. Keep in touch

In 2011, 65 per cent of buyers said they would definitely use their real estate agent again, but only 9 per cent actually did (these are US figures, but anecdotal evidence suggests a similar trend locally). Don’t let yourself be forgotten – send off a round of postcards as part of your strategy to regularly remind former clients that you exist.

Whether you’re on holiday or enjoying a particularly beautiful day in Perth, the Postcards app offers a quick way to suprise your most valuable contacts with a physical memento of the scenery.

3. Pick up new listings

If you’re going after an expired listing, how do you stand out from the crowd of eager agents? Janie Coffey at InmanNext suggests coupling Instagram and Postagram (the US version of Australia Post Postcards) to show vendors that you’re worth a second look.

Snap a photo of the property, add a creative filter, and send it off to give the vendor a customised work of art that serves as a reminder of the agent who went the extra step.

These three ideas are simple but potentially effective methods to take advantage of a tool we use every day – the smart phone.

So how do you nurture your prospects? I’d love to hear how you’re using new technology to take relationship marketing up a notch.

This article was originally posted in the Residential Settlements newsletter to agents.

Image by Dan Simpson via Flickr.

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  1. Love this app, thanks for introducing it to me. I have used it for work a few times now and it is a nice personal touch.

    • Emily Murphy says:

      Glad you like it Richard! I just love that you can completely customise the postcard – including an image of yourself, if appropriate. It’s definitely coming on holiday with me.

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