How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Using LinkedIn: Optimise Your Profile to Get Found

Welcome to Part 3 of How to build a powerful personal brand using LinkedIn.

To network effectively on LinkedIn, you need to be easy to find.

We’ve already discovered how keywords can make your profile more likely to appear in search results, but there’s a few other things you can do to optimise your profile so you get found by even more people.

1. Make your profile visible to everyone

On LinkedIn, you have a number of profile options: profiles can be invisible, visible to everyone, or partially visible.

If you want to make the maximum use of LinkedIn for networking, I suggest making your entire profile visible to everyone, publicly – that will maximise your exposure.

2. Customise your public profile link

Every LinkedIn profile comes with a link (or URL) that others can use to get to your profile. When you first sign up to LinkedIn, that link will consist of a lot of letters and numbers.

Make it cleaner by customising the link to include your full name. Go to Edit Profile, click ‘Edit’ next to the Public Profile section, and click ‘Customise your public profile URL’.

Once you’ve got a custom link, you can share it on:

  • Your business cards,
  • Your website,
  • Property catalouges,
  • Home open brochures, and
  • Your email signature.

3. Customise ‘Websites’

On LinkedIn you can have a maximum of 3 websites, and it makes a lot of sense to customise these links.

To customise your websites:

  • Go to Edit Profile
  • Next to the ‘Websites’ section of your profile, click ‘Edit’
  • Enter the URLs of up to three websites.
  • Instead of choosing ‘Personal website’ or ‘Company website’ as the website type, choose the ‘other’ option so that you can type in a custom description for the site: for example, ‘Peter’s Real Estate Blog’.

Your newly-customised ‘websites’ section will almost certainly lead to traffic back to your site – which could mean new prospects and new leads. It will also help Google’s search robots get a better understanding of what your website is all about.

LinkedIn websites

4. Link to your Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Link your profile to your Twitter account.

To add an account, click on Edit Profile, click ‘Edit’ next to the Twitter sections, and add one or more Twitter accounts.

There are a couple of benefits of linking your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles:

  1. You can post your tweets as LinkedIn statuses automatically, and
  2. Your professional contacts can easily find your Twitter profile.

Well done, you’re now super-connected and easy to find! In the next blog post, I’ll teach you how to build your credibility by giving and receiving LinkedIn recommendations.

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