How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Using LinkedIn: Build a Profile that Sells

This is a Part 2 in a series of blog posts on building a powerful personal brand using LinkedIn. Read Part 1: Building a Solid Foundation.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you no doubt want to be found by other professionals in your field.

The first step in building a profile that comes up in search results it to decide how you want to be found. What keywords you want to be known for?

Ask yourself:

  • How do you want to be found?
  • What geographical area do you work in?
  • What are your specialities?

Then decide on a few keywords (2-4) that summarise your answers.

Once you’ve decided on these all-important keywords, you can start loading them into your profile – making it easier for other people to find you when they search for those keywords on LinkedIn.

The first thing you’ll want to do with those keywords is:

1. Draw people in with a headline

A good headline is your first strike point to be found on a LinkedIn search.

For a great headline:

  • Limit it to 120 characters,
  • Include your your keywords in the front end of the headline,
  • Make it compelling, and
  • Remember that it’s more than just your job title.

By that last point, I mean that the headline is what you do, not what you’re called. So instead of writing ‘Sales consultant at Company X’, you may write ‘Real estate sales consultant specialising in Maddington’.

See Pam Herron‘s profile for a great example:

Pam Herron's LinkedIn headline

Note that the term ‘real estate agent’ (a relevant keyword) is right at the front of her headline, and she also includes the suburbs in which she works.

2. Add your skills and expertise

Adding your skills and expertise will help you get found in search.

Remember your 2-4 keywords, and include them!

3. Review your summary

We’ve already done some work on your LinkedIn summary in Building a Solid Foundation. Now, take the opportunity to go back and ask yourself:

  • Does my summary include the keywords I want to be known for?

If not, tweak your summary to include them.

Now that you’ve optimised your profile with keywords, you’re much more likely to be found in search. However, there’s still work to be done! The next part in this series will help you to continue to optimise your profile to get found.

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