How to share property listings on Facebook

An agent friend recently showed me how he’s using Facebook to share property listings with his community. It’s a clever, win-win, spam-free solution. Here’s how he does it.

By the time he lists a property for sale he’s already connected with the sellers on Facebook. There are two ways sellers can connect with him. First there’s a personal profile, where he keeps things personal. Then there’s a business page, which is where he talks about what’s happening locally and shares property listings. It’s on the Page that all the action takes place.

Once the property listing is published on his website he shares the link to the property profile on his business page. He chooses to only share properties on the Page and not on on his personal profile.

The next step is gold.

He then asks the seller to click the Share button for their property on the Page and post the property listing to their personal profile.

This action achieves two outcomes that help both the seller and the agent.

First, it exposes the property to the sellers’ friends. Let’s face it, they may know someone looking to buy. Second, as sharing generates a Via notation on the shared item–this shows up in the sellers’ friends’ newsfeed–the action of sharing the property also shares the agent’s page name. That acts as a way of the seller endorsing the agent to their friends and of encouraging new people to join his business page.

This method works well for sellers but it would probably work even better for landlords.

If the agent continues down this path he may decide to limit the property listings he shares on his Page to those where the seller is willing to on-share it with their friends. This would serve to increase the level of community engagement with the content on his Page.

So how do you share properties with your community? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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