How commenting will make you a better blogger

If you’re a newbie blogger you may be wondering what to do next. If so you can’t go far past commenting on other blogs as a sure-fire way to learn the craft.

Picture yourself at a barbecue. It’s not your usual crowd so you’re feeling a little nervous, a tad apprehensive. Aside from drinking your inhibitions away there are plenty of ways to start a conversation. You might ask the person who invited you to introduce you to some of their friends. You smile, shake hands and exchange pleasantries. Then you start chatting about the weather and how they know the host. Soon the conversation is in full swing and you’re discussing real estate prices and global warming. And that’s how blogging works.

With blogging the conversation happens through posts and comments. The best place to start is by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. It’s like joining in a conversation that’s in full swing at the barbecue. Start with the person who got you into blogging in the first place. Leave a comment or two on one of their posts. Then find their blog or link roll (it’s usually in the blog sidebar) and find the blogs they follow. Comment on those blogs. Just like it can take a while to find your feet at a party (no, drinking more still isn’t the answer) it takes lots of comments to become known in the blogging community. Be patient.

Sooner or later things will begin to click. You’ll find commenting comes easier and words flow more freely. And then you’ll find yourself wanting to share your own thoughts and opinions.

By writing comments you’re actively participating in a conversation and, as happens at a barbecue, the conversation often takes delightful shifts and turns. Your comment might catch someone’s attention, then they click through to your blog and leave a comment about something you’ve written. Their comment might then spark an idea for a new post on your blog that responds to something they said.

Great conversationalists are always great company. People want to be around others who are interested in what they have to say and in turn who have something interesting to say. And bloggers are no different. Those who actively participate in the blogging community, who share of their time and attention and who show they care are always popular.

Commenting then is the starting point for being a great blogger. Try it for yourself. Leave a comment here. Don’t be shy, just have a go. Then start visiting other blogs of interest. Go and visit Mike Andrews blog and comment on one of his posts. Use us a way of getting off your blogging L-plates. It’s what we’re here for.

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