25 ways to build your email database

Email is a great way to build relationships. It’s cost effective and, done well, can result in lots of sales inquiry.

Here then, are 25 ways to build a database of people keen to hear what you have to say.

  1. Add an invitation to subscribe to your e-newsletter on your business cards.
  2. And your open home brochures.
  3. And your other personal promotion handouts.
  4. Invite home open visitors to leave their email address.
  5. Provide a subscription form on your profile page on your agency website.
  6. Use networking functions to collect business cards from people you meet.
  7. Be upfront about what topics will be covered in your e-newsletter. And let them know how often it will arrive.
  8. Ask for people’s permission before adding them to your database. People hate being spammed.
  9. Keep your emails relevant and on topic.
  10. Add a link to your e-newsletter so that your subscribers can forward your email to their friends.
  11. Provide a signup form at your reception desk. Train your receptionist how to invite people to join.
  12. Create an e-book and give it away when people subscribe to your newsletter.
  13. Add a subscription form to your site. Make sure it’s in a prominent position.
  14. Add a badge to your day-to-day email signature inviting people to join.
  15. Keep your subscription form simple. Asking too much information scares people off.
  16. Add a subscribe form to your newsletter. Not everyone who reads the email is a subscriber.
  17. Invite your Facebook friends to subscribe but don’t abuse the relationship.
  18. Invite your fans on your Facebook Page to join.
  19. Invite your Twitter followers to subscribe.
  20. Add a subscribe form to your Facebook Page.
  21. Provide a link to your privacy policy. People want to know your intentions.
  22. Never, ever use your email list contrary to your privacy policy.
  23. Concentrate on adding value. Don’t produce glorified sales pitches as content.
  24. Sell in the sidebar of your email, not in the body.
  25. It’s OK to send an email that’s a pure sales message so long as it’s relevant and addresses the needs of your audience.

There’s my 25. If you have any others go ahead and share them in the comments.

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