9 tips for maintaining a great Facebook business page

Are you thinking of starting a Facebook business page? Here are nine tips that will help make your page a hit.

  1. Add value to your fans by sharing great content. Share a YouTube video, a link to your latest blog post or a comment about a relevant breaking news story. Before hitting the submit button ask yourself: “Will this add value to my customers and fans?” If not, share it somewhere else.
  2. Be consistent. A non-existent Facebook business page says Facebook isn’t your priority for now; and that’s OK. But a page that’s updated infrequently says your business is inconsistent and easily distracted. And that says lots about the service your customers can expect. A daily update to a Facebook business page isn’t too much.
  3. Stay focused. Your fans expect a consistent, on-topic message. Unless you want to be known as a political activist save your rants and tirades for elsewhere.
  4. Be yourself. Speak in your own voice, not in business speak. Social media is about having a conversation not mimicking a stuffy politician. Your fans want to get to know you. Let them in.
  5. Participate in the conversation. Respond to your fans comments, hit the Like button often, celebrate achievements.
  6. Praise your competitors. In fact do that for anyone in your field that’s doing a great job. Share, share and share some more. It adds value to your fans. Remember Tip 1?
  7. Stop selling. Social media marketing isn’t a fancy term for social selling. Get to know your fans and they’ll let you know when they want to do business. Tom Hopkins’ closing techniques have no place on a Facebook business page.
  8. Provide other ways to connect. Post a link to your blog, your Twitter profile or your LinkedIn presence.
  9. Be prepared for negative feedback and criticism. Jump onto Dell’s Facebook business page. They get slammed, but they know how to respond and they’re doing it well.

If you have a Facebook business page be sure to leave a comment that includes a link. And if you have some further tips, please, share them in a comment.

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