Niche Focus – the key to making your real estate blog stand out

A friend – a fellow real estate agent – wants to get a start as a blogger. I sense her bewilderment. Where to start? What to write about?

The trick here is to narrow the focus and to find a niche. Anyone can babble on about themselves and their latest listings. But that’s not the sort of blog people are interested in reading. Instead I recommend focusing on a narrow market niche.

Narrowing a blog down to a tiny market segment may seem counter-intuitive. After all, we’ve grown up in the era of broadcast media. Big media is all about getting a message out to a big audience. Big numbers always win. But that’s not the way social media works. The best blogs focus on an amazingly narrow subject matter. I was tempted to make this a blog about social media marketing for small business, but that’s just too broad. Instead I focus only on real estate agents. And people who want to know about social media and real estate practice find this focus refreshing and valuable.

Here then are a few ideas for focussing your blog and your writing.

  1. Write about a particular property type in a defined area. You may want to write about Federation homes in Mount Lawley or single bedroom units in Leederville.
  2. Write about the restaurants in your area. You may get a defacto reputation as a dining critic. But you’ll also get the reputation as the go-to person for local information.
  3. Have an informed political opinion. Be the person to break news about what’s going on with your local council. Blog AT council meetings.
  4. Take on a cause. Become a commitment in action for cleaning up graffiti or planting new trees. The cause doesn’t matter. The passion does.
  5. Be a renovation tips guru. Take photos of successful renovation ideas and post them to your blog. You’ll have an instant fan base.
  6. Be a gossip blogger. Know about the famous people in your area and who’s coming and going. Tread carefully with privacy on this one though.
  7. Blog about subdividing or developing. Become an expert. No, make that THE expert in subdividing or developing a block in your area.

That’s just a few ideas but hopefully you get the point. Once the focus is narrowed a whole world of possibility opens up. And with the focussed writing comes a loyal readership who are keen for the next instalment.

Happy blogging.

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