The new rules of engagement

I’m reading Larry Weber‘s Marketing to the social web. Here’s what he says about the new rules of customer engagement on the social web.

Bear in mind that the social media world is very different from a traditional communications environment. In the traditional communications model, your organization controls content and distribution. In the social media world, you have little control over content and distribution. Individuals communicate with other individuals and with groups, and groups communicate with individuals and groups – everyone with everyone. It’s highly democratic…”

And therein lies the rub. Whilst social media appeals to businesses as a cheap, fast way to create new customers, it takes a brave leader to participate in very public conversation that would usually take place in private.

Building a reputation as a cool, hip market leader is one thing. But the democracy that elects someone as cool and hip can quickly change its mind. One slip, either on or offline, is often amplified through social media; with devastating consequences.

Have fun with social media, but be aware of the new rules of engagement.

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